About Financial Management Corporation

Financial Management Corp. and it’s founder, Paul S. Rothman, are approaching their 27th year in business. From humble beginnings in Brooklyn, New York, we grew into a successful organization by working hard and helping clients navigate through the maze of insurance coverage. We help people protect their assets and to protect their income and assure them that their families are secure and protected. We offer Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Health Insurance and Annuities. Most of our clients come from our many endorsed associations, which range from professional to fraternal associations. Often times affording them a discount on the premiums.

Our approach is simple:

  • We do things the old fashioned way; we value the winning combination of hard work and honesty.
  • We return all phone calls promptly and within 24 hours or less.
  • We surpass our clients’ expectations with unparalleled service.
  • We follow up directly with carriers underwriting departments and fight for you to make sure you obtain the best coverage.
  • We work as your advocate to protect you and your family.

I believe that we are all responsible to make some conscious, deliberate decisions about our familys future, rather then leaving their future to chance and good luck. Children and others that might depend on you have no voice in decisions about insurance even though those decisions can have an enormous impact on their lives. Most people, who die prematurely or become disabled, leave their families in a difficult financial state, unless there was someone like me that caused them to address these issues. As an advocate, I can speak for those who may be left behind, by causing the family’s provider to address the issues of protecting them.

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