Disability Income Insurance

We work with the highest rated carriers in the industry. They include:

Principal The Standard Life
Guardian MassMutual
Union Central UNUM
MetLife Fidelity

If you were disabled and unable to work?

  • What would happen to your income?
  • How would you maintain your lifestyle?
  • Where would the money come from to pay your bills?
  • What happens to your retirement savings and other financial goals?

Think about it

  • You insure your car which has an average price of $31,500
  • You insure your home which has an average price of $389,000
  • But you don’t insure your ability to earn an income which generates the revenue to pay for your lifestyle and that of your family?

Disability Income Insurance

This type of insurance keeps your most important benefit safe (YOUR ABILITY TO EARN AN INCOME) and allows you to continue to earn income even while incapacitated. Whether you are infirmed due to illness or injury, disability insurance will pay you. Benefits are normally income tax-free if you pay the premiums; if your employer pays then the benefits will be taxable.


  • Milti-Life Discounts + Guaranteed Issue are available
  • $50,000 per month maximim
  • Group LTD, STD, and State Mandated Plans
  • Key Person Disability
  • Business overhead protection
  • Special Program for Interns & Residents