What makes one contract better than another?
The key components to a disability insurance policy are the renewability, definition of total disability, definition of residual disability, built in exclusions, and company financials backing the policy. Notice we did not say price, any company could quote you a policy that looks cheaper than another.

What is the average price of an individual disability insurance policy?
One can expect to pay between 1-3% of your annual income in disability premium. The best answer is, the premium depends upon how much coverage you want to have. Disability policies can be customized to fit your needs in every way.

How long does it take to place a disability income policy in-force?
Underwriting takes us an average of 30 days. Quite often we have been able to issue policies within 10 days, however if we need to obtain medical records from physicians you have seen recently the process generally takes 30 days.